about blog storage

Welcome to this awesome blog which is just about to start. I'm sure you've noticed the funny name, inspired by a famous cloud service provided by one of the GAFAM. It's difficult to find a name for a new project, it's way more difficult to find something to catch the attention. The last hurdle is to find an empty space on the internet, in 2020 about 370 millions domain names were listed.

Despite his 'tech oriented' name, this blog is not meant to be so technical. I'm keen on cloud technologies but the aim of this blog is to talk about a journey. A journey to entrepreneurship, financial freedom, digital nomad, working from home and all these trendy things you can find on the web in 2021. I do not try to be special, I just follow the trend my own way. To be honest, this is only my 2nd blog. I've started another about music/art/books a few weeks ago. On blog-storage, we'll talk about business, how to make money, what mindest and what tools do you need to be a successful entrepreneur. I’m starting from zero so I guess it would be interesting to follow me and I hope it could inspire few people.

During the pandemic, as many, I had to work from home. I’m an IT manager with 15 years of experience and I’ve worked in small to big companies. So it was really not difficult for me. It was even better. Every morning, I save one hour of my commute. Every evening, I save one hour of my commute. Do the math, every week I have 10 additional hours which came from nowhere. It’s like the working week has 6 days and the weekend still has 2 days.

Like a lot of other people, I’ve decided to invest in myself and start a side hustle. At the beginning, the idea was just to challenge myself and see what I’m capable of. After reading several books about entrepreneurship and financial freedom, after reading a ton of blog posts about this topic, this project has the potential to be a life changer for me.

I’m located in France so ‘pardon my English’, it may be not really accurate from time to time. Maybe in a next blog post, I’ll talk about something specific to France (status, law…) but I've decided to talk in English to reach far more people.

So be my guest and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. I don’t know what I'll find during this journey and I can’t see the end of the road.